Friday, October 05, 2007

North Point Lighthouse

The historic North Point Lighthouse and its conjoined keeper's quarters have been empty for many years, but over the past year an extensive reconstruction project has been bringing the 1888 keeper's house back into a proper state. I've been dropping by on occasion to follow the progress.

October 2003:
North Point Lighthouse
Boarded up and closed for years.

April 25, 2007:
North Point Lighthouse renovation
Lots of wood elements are being removed, indicating extensive rot.

June 10, 2007:
North Point Lighthouse update
New porch framing and sheathing.

August 11, 2007:
Lighthouse update
New roof and cladding.

September 27, 2007:
Lighthouse update
Grounds beginning to shape up.

The current lighthouse was built in 1879 (replacing a 1855 structure threatened by bluff erosion) and re-used the existing lantern. Its height was doubled in 1912 as trees growing on the bluffs obscured the view, and it operated until 1994.

When work is finished in the fall, this venerable old structure will be opened for tours. Huzzah!

More on the North Point Lighthouse: Seeing the Light, including a vintage postcard of the original appearance of the tower and keeper's house, showing the house's original design intent a bit more clearly than can be seen today.


Anonymous said...

I really like what they have done. I guess I'd like to see up close the new siding. I hope they keep the building as original as possible.

Jeff Grzeca said...

As one of the Board members, I encourage everyone to check out our web site at for hours and other info. Come by and see us soon. We expect to have the lens on display sometime in 2009 (hopefully May or June).

Joe said...

My family and I lived in North Point Light House from 1982-1983. I was a newly commissioned Coast Guard Ensign. It was my son Brian's first home, he was born up the street at St Mary's. The improvements are incredible. We had metal kitchen cabinets and green shag carpeting. I still recall stripping years of white paint off of beautiful walnut molding and doors with textured glass windows. Fond memories include watching 360 view of fireworks from the top of the light on the 4th, carrying my son's Travis' Raggamuffin daycare class mates up the circular staircase at his birthday party, our tallest Christmas Tree ever and snowsledding on the great hill near the tower. Milwaukee remains one of our favorite assignments, from Summerfest to Downer Street and Wolskis' we have great stories of friends and adventures.