Friday, May 11, 2007

Venetian Theater Demolished

Word just reached me that the old Venetian Theater, a long-abandoned monolith on Center Street, was demolished at the beginning of April.

Venetian Theater, Center Street, Milwaukee

Milwaukee Renaissance has more information and photos.

Some well-wishers managed to salvage some of the beautiful terra cotta ornament, but not till after it had fallen to the ground.


Anonymous said...

how sad.

Michael R. Allen said...

The demolition is senseless. The terra cotta alone made the theater worth preserving; I can't believe that no one salvaged any of it prior to demolition.

Both Sides of My Brain said...


I'm the person who wrote the article on the Milwaukee Page about the Venetian. I also assembled this page:

There was an effort made by several people, including myself to get the Terra Cotta from the building prior to demolition. We were willing to provide our own crane, full insurance etc. The order had been given and the city wanted to carry it out without delay.

It was sad to watch this beautiful building that was a part of my life for many years reduced to rubble.