Thursday, October 02, 2008

A south side mystery

Wadhams Gas Station

It began with a photo on Flickr, showing the well-known brick wall on 1st Street where a Wadham's gas station pagoda once stood. The building's outline remains embedded on the wall, along with part of a painted sign.

"Oh," I commented. "I have a photo of that when it was still standing." But a dig through my film archives showed no such thing. Apparently, I was thinking of this place instead, which I photographed in the summer of 2001.

I have no idea if it was a Wadham's or not. I'm not even sure where it stood -- somewhere between the Modjeska Theater on Mitchell Street, and St. Hyacinth's a few blocks south on Becher Street, to judge by the before and after images on my negatives.

Wadhams Gas Station

Where was it? What was it? I turn to my readers for answers -- I have none!


Urban Gopher said...

I believe this used to stand at 1448 W. Becher.

cmp said...

There is this in Wes Allis:

Anonymous said...

interesting. i own the building in the back ground. i was told the empty lot was at one point a filling station. the location is on the south side of becher directly across from st.hyacinth church.

5MinuteMan said...

is this it?

Anonymous said...

this picture is between 14th and 15th st on the south side of becher. i own the building on the corner of 15th and becher that can be seen in the photo. this location is now an empty lot...and is directly across the street from st.hyacinth church.

Anonymous said...

1431 W Becher St. I worked there in the early 60"s. Was Ray Hunn's Garage. Did full auto repairs & some body work. Sold Sinclair gasoline & oil products. Before Ray Hunn it was identified with Mobil/Wadems gas & oil ID.