Friday, April 04, 2008

Retro post #4: Mother of Good Counsel Church

Before I started this blog, I made a few posts about Milwaukee on my St. Louis blog. I'm reposting them here where they're more relevant. This one went up on June 23, 2006.

Mother of Good Counsel Church, Lisbon at 70th, Milwaukee Wisconsin. Built 1966-68.

How have I never seen this place before???

It's a beautiful massing of a curved brick screen wall, capped with limestone and studded with protruding bricks, behind which stands a diamond-shaped sanctuary with narrow bands of stained glass.

Next to it is a small parish office building, which brings together a number of fairly typical Mid-Century design elements (the vertical pier intersecting the horizontal plane, the rectangular cutouts, the limestone surrounds), but in an unusually high density -- and with a couple of elements I've never seen before.

Most flabergasting is this original doorway:

I can't believe they designed this -- let alone that it's still here 40 years later. Magnificent!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, love the blog. Holy Family Church in Whitefish Bay is very similar. Until the '90s, maybe, it had some really bizarre Jetsons-esque details. Check it out sometime (E. Hampton Ave. in Whitefish Bay, about a half-mile west of the lake.)

Robert Powers said...

I've got photos of it. If I ever get around to it, I'll do a whole series of posts on each of these churches, and that one's high on the list. Too bad it lost the vintage details...